What is the Onlinegallery?

Nomadic gallery, organising exhibitions regularly since 2004, it is however essential to maintain or develop a link with art lovers and clients that allows everyone to discover selected works with the artists throughout the year. The Onlinegallery thus allows people to acquire works online in between exhibitions, visits, presentations by appointment.

If you need further information, you can contact the gallery.

Careful and insured packaging, secure payment, certificate of authenticity delivered by the gallery. Invoice on demand.

Some works are directly available for sale. For others, it will be necessary to contact the gallery to make sure of the availability of the work, the deadline for the print of a photograph, for example.

In general and by convention, dimensions are given in the following order: height x width x depth, followed by the unit of measurement in cm. The photos are non-contractual. The works are all original works created by the artists.

We will be there to help you, inform you and ensure that your purchases are made in the best conditions. So don’t hesitate to step through the door of the Onlinegallery!


A few words about printmaking

What is a print? It is a limited edition work, numbered and signed by the artist.
The techniques are diverse and traditional such as intaglio, wood, aquatint; more modern such as carborundum.
You can also discover more particular techniques such as lithography or serigraphy.

Collecting prints is also a way to learn about contemporary art through original works at affordable prices.

Read in the press on 4.4.2013: “The print market is obviously not aware of the inflations that mark contemporary art or the historical avant-gardes at the time of their rediscovery (as was the case for Art Deco in the 1970s). It attracts a motivated and knowledgeable public – it is often the antechamber of good collections! “Rafaël Pic, editor-in-chief /