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CNAP, National Arts Centre

Touraine Loire Valley

Centre for Engraving and Printed Images of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Visual Arts Digital Portal for the Central Region

Multimedia geolocalised platform for sharing and disseminating cultural and artistic information on the visual arts and contemporary art.
This project carried by abomedia with the support of the Drac and the Regional Council of the Centre, wishes to encourage the information of the general public, the structuring and the bringing together of actors in the region and is therefore completely open to contributions or suggestions from everyone.


Pierre et Bertrand Couly Winehouse

Tasting venue, winemaking cellar and reception of contemporary art exhibitions in partnership with the Galerie Nathalie Béreau since April 2011, the date of the opening of this new space created by the architect Bertrand Penneron.

Route de Tours | 1 Rond-Point des Closeaux | 37500 Chinon