Moka Project

September 23 – October 2, 2020

Study of Provence, auctioneer
Marseille | FRANCE

Philippe du Crest

Guest : Véronique Pineau, sculptures Café

Why Moka Project ? Philippe du Crest remembered Alfonso Bialetti who invented the Moka Express in 1933: from this intuition comes the story of Bialetti, who was able to transform the art of making coffee in such a simple and natural gesture until it became an essential ritual in every Italian home.

The coffee pot has thus inspired this series of photos and the character of Moka.

Curator of the exhibition: Galerie Nathalie Béreau

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Moka Project is the new project by Marseille-based photographer Philippe du Crest.

For this series started in 2015, the photographer made a large set of prints, mainly self-portraits featuring him with a Moka coffee maker. This emblematic character is opposed to unbridled capitalism, to all-out consumption, to the waste created by the use of capsules, for example.
All of this in compositions that humorously revisit myths, history, advertising, news stories, classical painting and photography.
While being lucid on economic models to be reconsidered, social or cultural to be reinvented, the result wants to be funny, whimsical, full of spirit.

Philippe du Crest wished to exhibit this series of photographs in an urban environment in order to touch the visitors in the heart of the city, in their “peregrinations” of walker, buyer, consumer.

Thus, Maître Ribière at L’Etude de Provence is hosting this exhibition featuring some twenty photographic prints and the book Moka Project, which is published for the occasion.

L’Etude de Provence is installed since 2017 in a private mansion, “L’Orangerie 55”, rue Sylvabelle, in the heart of Marseille. It is a beautiful setting to bring together the photographs of Philipe du Crest but also the sculptures of Véronique Pineau. Veronique Pineau, an artist from Tours, has created a dozen sculptures on the theme of coffee to accompany the photographs.

 Véronique Pineau‘s sculptures are made from found dishes that she reworks to assemble into elegant pyramids that give a second life to these abandoned everyday objects.

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Etude de Provence
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