Recent artworks


Attic, 2017
Dry pastel on paper
52 x 76 cm


Attic, end of day light, 2020
Dry pastel on paper
67 x 75.5 cm


What’s left (attic), 2018
Dry pastel on paper
48 x 65 cm


Conglomerate of objects, 2020
Dry pastel on paper
42 x 62 cm

Perat_Fond du grenier-2019

In the back of the attic, 2019
Dry pastel on canvas
100 x 136 cm


In the attic in May, 2020
Dry pastel on paper
51 x 75.5 cm



1970, Toulouse. Lives and works in Montreuil

“I sometimes have the feeling of carrying out a topological tracing.
The face is like a landscape on which I walk with my hand, through my pencil. When I draw, it’s a bit like the model’s face that I touch, as if the canvas and the model’s skin were one.”
Emmanuelle Pérat

“At the Beaux-arts de Paris, she pursued the study of her own body, and then progressively attacked the bodies of her loved ones. Emmanuelle Pérat works extremely slowly and devotes several months to her large format pastels.
She can pose or have posed up to one hundred and fifty hours: “It is there that I discern what I would not have been able to see otherwise. Over the course of hours, I perceive the truth of my models and can completely change the composition or expression of the portrait.”
While she is set up in a bright studio in Montreuil, the hours of posing take place in a small, dark room, leaving room for intimacy.
If the subject matter and technique can evoke past centuries, it’s because the artist often refers to Romanesque wooden sculptures.”
Marie Maertens, L’Oeil, May 2005

“Nothing moves at Emmanuelle Pérat. Her scattered objects find a magical point of balance between disorder and stability. A clever game between diagonal and straight lines? It is probable but more still, it is the light, this translucent substance, this impalpable matter which becomes here the main actor. Light that emerges and captures the whole and that, more than simply illuminating these interiors, turns into an exchanger between the full and the empty.”
Itzhak Goldberg, 2018

Watch on youtube:

After the very beautiful exhibition “Matières du temps” by Emmanuelle Pérat at Saint Pierre des Minimes, Compiègne, 2019, discover the interview of the artist, 22mn14: interview with Nathalie Béreau

Reportage france 2 TV, 2017 during the exhibition at the Petit Palais, Paris : Le Journal, 2mn, Le pastel sort de l’ombre

Interview at the studio, 2003, 2mn53 : Portait and self-portrait




Personal exhibitions

2022 Galerie Univer, “Compound spaces”, Paris
2019 Espace Saint-Pierre des Minines, “Materials of time”, Compiègne
2016 Galerie Univer, “Filature, dry pastels”, Paris
2014 Musée du vieux Lacaune, “La Filature Ramond”, Lacaune, Tarn (catalog)
2013 Daniel Duchoze Gallery, “Immersions”, Rouen
MIM Gallery, “Pastels”, Martel (Lot)
2012 La Réserve d’Aréa, “In Vivo”, Paris
2009 New Art City, “Por-trait”, Lille
2008 French Institute, “In extenso”, Berlin
Anyway Gallery, “Slices of life”, Berlin
Grand T Gallery, Nantes (catalog)
Contemporary Art Center of La Rairie, Pont Saint Martin
2007 Gallery Anyway, “Body subject”, Berlin
Gallery LJ Beaubourg” Mané” (catalog), Paris
2005 Orangery of the Caillebotte property, Yerres
2004 Contemporary Art Center, “Pastels, 1998 – 2004”, Saint Cyprien
Gallery Rachlin Lemarié Beaubourg, “A visage découvert”, Paris
2002 Casa de Velazquez, “Territorios”, Madrid
2001 Rachlin Lemarié Beaubourg Gallery, “Face à face”, Paris
1998 ATC Gallery, Zürich

Public collections

Frissiras Museum, Athens
National Contemporary Art Fund, Paris
Casa de Velázquez, Madrid
NMWA, Washington DC, USA
Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation, Paris
Municipal Fund, Lacaune-les Bains, Tarn

Group exhibitions since 2010

2020 Galerie Univer / Curator: Itzhak Goldberg “Esprit du lieu”, Paris
2019 Galerie Nathalie Béreau, “Poudre et traits”, Paris
2018 Galerie Univer, “Peinture silencieuse”, Paris
Galerie Nathalie Béreau c/°Le 6 Mandel, “A corps retrouvé”, Paris
Exit Art Galerie and Galerie Mondapart, “Vocation” : Joint exhibition organized by the Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation and Carré sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt
2016 Frissiras Museum, “Elles”, Athens
2015 Galerie Nathalie Béreau c/° Le 6 Mandel, Corps émoi et moi, Paris
2014 Daniel Duchoze Gallery, “Drawings”, Rouen
2013 Daniel Duchoze Gallery, “Inauguration of the new gallery”, Rouen
2012 Frissiras Museum, “Face to face”, Athens
2011 Gilbert Riou Gallery, Lyon
2010 Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Chinon

Exhibitions and biennials

2008 Berliner Kunstsalon, Förderplatte, Booth Galerie Anyway, Berlin
Biennale of contemporary art, Le Havre
2006-04-03 Art-Paris, Booth RL Beaubourg, Paris
2001 Salon d’Angers, Angers
Jeune Création, Paris
1999 Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge
1998 Novembre à Vitry, Vitry-sur-Seine
Festival Arte Viva, Senigallia, Italy
1997 International Painting Salon, Saint-Grégoire
International Biennial of Drawing and Printmaking, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1996 Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge

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Awards and residencies

2010 Verdaguer Prize, Paris
2005 “Femme Artiste 2005” National Museum of Women in the Arts, Paris/Washington
2004 Peyron Prize, Paris
2003 Pierre Cardin Prize, Paris
2001-2003 Resident at the Casa de Velazquez, Madrid
2000 Bleustein-Blanchet Vocation Prize, Paris
1999 Drawing Prize of the 44th Salon of Contemporary Art of Montrouge
1998 Grant for stay and research at the Casa de Velazquez, Madrid
1995 Study and travel grant at the Hunter College of Art, New York, USA
1992 First Prize of drawing of the Academy of Fine Arts of Paris

Filmography / Television

2019 Sidonie production, “Matières du temps, Interview with Nathalie Béreau”, 23/06/2019
2017 France 2, Journal de 13h “Le pastel sort de l’ombre”, October 1st
2016 France 24, “Le Paris des Arts”, 12/02/2016. Guest: Nabil Ayouch, Interview: Emmanuelle Pérat
2003 Arte, “Kaléidoscope, Regard sur un cadre de vie”, March (Portrait of E.Pérat in the context of a documentary on the Casa de velazquez)
Tele Madrid, “Visita del Estudio de E. Pérat”, February 12
2002 Canal+ (Spain), “Puertas abiertas a la Casa de Velazquez”, February 17


1997 Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris with the congratulations of the Jury.
Vladimir Velickovic’s workshop


Overview artworks

Portraits and Self-portraits, 2012-2015, dry pastels on paper or canvas