The Nathalie Béreau Gallery is pleased to invite Jean-Christophe Ballot to present his new series of photographs “Buddha”, mostly unpublished.
Immortalized through artistic representations since the dawn of time throughout the world, the Buddha captures the light of those who materialize him. Jean-Christophe Ballot has captured through his lens, the representation of the Buddha on places of worship in Burma (Winter 2018) and India (February 2020). Crossing the walls of the Guimet Museum, Paris in winter 2019, Jean-Christophe Ballot has made a movement of translation* from the cultural to the cultic, offering us to discover his original vision, lively and sensual of statuary art.

This presentation takes place on Thursday, March 18 at 7pm (7:00 pm) by Zoom during an exceptional meeting with the photographer Jean-Christophe Ballot. Free admission.

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*Translation: Displacement, movement (Physics: of a body; Geometry: of a figure) during which the positions of a same line (of the figure or linked to it) remain parallel.