Recent artworks

The butterflies, 2020
Etching on white cotton, free hand embroidery
Format 24 x 34,5 cm (framed 30 x 40 cm)
Unique piece signed

Winter Queen, 2020
Drypoint engraving on linen, free hand embroidery
Size 13x18cm
Unique piece signed

Garden dream, 2020
Drypoint etching on white cotton, free hand embroidery
Format 28 x 38 cm (framed 30 x 40 cm)
Unique piece signed

Fairytale, 2020
Drypoint engraving on white cotton, free hand embroidery
Format 30 x 39 cm (framed 30 x 40 cm)
Unique piece signed

Vegetal spirit, 2020
Drypoint etching on linen, free hand embroidery
Format 17 x 25 cm (framed 18 x 24 cm)
Unique piece signed

The Garden Eye, 2020
Drypoint etching on linen, free hand embroidery
Size 13x18cm
Unique piece signed



1973, Paris, France

Lives and works in Paris.
Valérie Belmokhtar studied at the Olivier de Serres School of Applied Arts and at the Paris School of Fine Arts. Over time, this double curriculum led her to develop a multidisciplinary artistic practice that unfolds through engraving, painting, drawing, collage, on various types of media.
Attending the engraving workshop of the artist Francis Capdeboscq for ten years allowed her to develop this medium that she particularly likes.
Having at heart a certain freedom of creation, the artist also realizes projects of applied arts in various fields: mural, objects, edition, youth edition, press.

Illustration is also part of her artistic work and is considered an art form in its own right. The borders are very porous in her recent practice and the techniques are increasingly mixed.

Valérie Belmokhtar’s creative universe is nourished by various inspirations which draw as well from literature, poetry, tales, mythology as from the observation of daily life or dreams.  The artist does not have a favorite subject but childhood, the relationship between humans and nature, sensations, the feminine, the relationship to the body are present throughout her creations.

Valérie Belmokhtar particularly appreciates certain artists such as Odilon Redon, Claude Monet, Paul Klee, Gustave Klimt, but also Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith and remains constantly alert to what can touch her, inspire her.

“I like to move from one medium to another, from one technique to another in an instinctive, intuitive way. I like to let the unconscious, the subconscious, the part of childhood and play, and not to control everything in my creation as a permanent work in progress which follows its own rhythm, its influences, its desires and its own writing. The crossroads are therefore part of my daily practice.
The techniques, supports and formats known as modest attract me more specifically today just like the techniques close to the craft industry and the old know-how like engraving, embroidery among others which seem to me to be able to express the themes which are dear to me.

I like to mix these practices and to situate myself from now on in a problematic which takes into account sustainable development and a modest and sustainable practice of art: reuse of supports and materials, remix of old works, work on top of an existing work, upcycling and collage/assembly of my own engravings, recycling of papers and paintings. Painting over, enhancing, not throwing away etc…”

copyright Florent Lafon



Personal exhibitions since 2010 (selection)

2017 ” Rêverie ” , concept store French Touche gallery of touching objects, Paris
2016 ” Jardin Sentimental ” , institutional exhibition in Ollainville, paintings, prints, unique objects
“Green Vitrine” at the Illustre Boutique Paris, plant installation and creation of the window display
2014 “Sweet Dreams” personal institutional exhibition at the Chapel of the Domaine de Soucy, Pays de Limours, paintings, sculptures, prints
“In the intimacy”, exhibition of paintings and drawings with the ceramist Agnès His, Galerie Nathalie Béreau at the Chai Pierre et Bertrand Couly, Chinon
2013 ” Fantastic Garden “, l’Arrosoir, paintings and engravings installed with plants and flowers
2011 ” Birds “, exhibition of engravings at the Chocopoterie
2010 ” Mythologies “, engravings, Intercave Paris Charonne


2019 Article in Respire magazine for “to create is to exist” + linocuts
2018 Maybe Magazine issue 10 portfolio on my artistic work
March Respire magazine, 8 page article, interview and workshop photos + illustrations
2016 Biba magazine insert on illustrated pot creations
2014 Article on the blog Artistics Moods
2013 Article/reportage Magazine Maybe : ” Un soir à l’Arrosoir-Valérie Belmokhtar “
Mandarine workshop ” Rendezvous on a carpet of flowers and head in the clouds “
2012 Article on the blog ” La pause art “, Anne Malherbe
2011 Video documentary produced by Séba TV – series Interjection episode n°30 The painter-engraver Valérie Belmokhtar works in her studio. Sébastien Brochot ”
2010 Sub-Yu Magazine July, Double Face – Valérie Belmokhtar ” Regards sur un monde intérieur ” (Views on an inner world)
2008 Editions Paumes Tokyo ” Ateliers de filles ” 2 , Report/interview at the workshop
2001 AdLib, bi-monthly publication French Cultural Center Boston
2000 Elle Magazine, weekly 27 November 2000, multimedia selection

Selected group exhibitions since 2012 (selection)

2020 Un voyage parisien, Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Espace des Coutures St Gervais, Paris
2019 Parallèles, Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
2018-2019 Open House of the 14th – Vesna Garic’s workshop,
various print exhibitions, Improbable Jardin Gallery
2017 Le Plateau s’Illustre, Nantes
2016 Nathalie Béreau Gallery, at 6, Mandel, Paris
Day of the Print Place St Sulpice Paris (several editions)
Arthotèque de Lorraine, Faune et Flore, Bar Le Duc
2015 Jardin divers, Galerie Atelier Mandarine, Brest
Exhibition Artothèque de Lorraine
Interior garden, Estelle Lebas Gallery, Lille
Exhibition of engravings in the workshop of Fabien Merillon, le Gang des potiers, Paris
Exhibition of prints, Lorient in the studio of Lilou Swann
2014 Exhibition of engravings in the studio of Fabien Merillon, le Gang des potiers Paris, realization of drawing for ceramics in collaboration
Exhibition of contemporary art, Port-Louis Festival “La Clac”, prints
Elles aiment le Japon, Que sera sera 5ème edition @ Maison d’art Espace Japon Paris, exhibition of paintings with Japanese artists of the contemporary scene
contemporary prints: prospective look VI, Galerie Nathalie Béreau, 6, Mandel, Paris
Group exhibition of paintings with the Maison D’art Gallery, Japan Cultural Center, Paris
2012-2013 Winter exhibition, Galerie Nathalie Béreau, Chai Pierre et Bertrand Couly, Chinon

Awards and residencies

1997-1998 European scholarship, Athens School of Fine Arts (painting)
Collin Lefranc Scholarship School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston USA
2008 Youth literary prize at the International Book Fair of Périgueux for the illustrations of the book “Desserts à lire et à croquer”


2020 Illustrateur jeunesse : un vrai métier, Pyramyd éditions
2019 Créer, c’est exister, Pyramyd Editions



Mural decoration, City Hall of the 14th district of Paris, Hypermur collective for the Pernety creche in Paris 14
2012 Legal deposit of prints, Cabinet des Estampes de la Bilbiothèque Nationale de France


2009-2020 Engraving workshop with F.Capdeboscq Paris-Ateliers (metal, wood, lino)
1998 Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des BEAUX-ARTS de Paris – ENSBA
1994 Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art ENSAAMA – Olivier de Serres


Professional career

2000-2022 Visual artist/Illustrator/Graver
2018-2020 Author and Illustrator Editions Pyramyd
2007-2020 Teacher of Illustration, youth illustration, Plastic Expression School Lignes et Formations
2004-2020 Teacher of painting/drawing/colors. French Development Agency
Professor of Plastic Expression/Drawing Ecole Bleue
2005-2011 Professor of Color (Theory and Practice) and Plastic Expression Ecole de Condé
2004-2005 Professor of Illustration. Esam Design School


Overview artworks

Paintings, acrylic on canvas, 2009-2018.
Works available for sale