Poudres et traits/Powders and strokes

November 28 – December 7, 2019

17 rue des Gds Augustins
Paris | FRANCE

Collective exhibition

On the occasion of the Semaine des Galeries Parisiennes de l’Estampe et du Dessin

Exhibition of recent and unpublished works by artists of the gallery, telescoping drawing and engraving. No specific theme, but a sensitive approach in this exhibition entitled “Powders and strokes”.


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Saskia Bertrand, graphite on paper /
Atsuko Ishii, etching /
Anne Laval, drawing and sculpture, mixed media /
Emmanuelle Pérat, pastel on paper /
Michaël Cailloux, etching and mural jewel /
Thibault Laget-Ro, acrylic on paper /
Jean-Michel Letellier, sculpted kozo paper /

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