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Emmanuelle Pérat, galerie nathalie Béreau Emmanuelle Pérat, métier, 2015, pastel on paper

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Current exhibitions

Artists represented by Nathalie Béreau Gallery :
Baldwin & Guggisberg / Sculpture (glass) • Mats Bäcker / Photography • Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand / Sculpture • Valérie Belmokhtar / Painting, Drawing, Engravings • Caroline Bouyer / engravings • Michaël Cailloux / Engraving • Philippe du Crest / photography • Jean-Pierre Favreau / Photography • Arnaud Franc / Drawing, Painting, Engraving • Colette Grandgérard / Drawing, sculpture, installation, Engraving • Ralph Samuel Grossmann / Photography, Video • Didier Hamey / Engraving, Assemblies • Atsuko Ishii / Engraving • Carole Marchais / Sculpture, installation • Barbara Martinez / Engraving • Fabrice Montignier / Engraving • Muriel Moreau / Engraving, Installation, Video • Miki Nakamura & Jean-Michel Letellier / Suspension, sculpture in paper • Elisabeth Oulès / Sculpture • Christine Patry-Morel / Engraving • Emmanuelle Pérat / Drawing • Maryline Pomian / Sculpture, installation • Emile Savitry (1903-1967) / Photography • Tony Soulié / Photo-painting, Engraving • Isabelle Souvet-Echard / Photography • Isabelle Tournoud / Sculpture, installation

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Artistes représentés
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Michaël Cailloux, silk scarf, one of a kind, made in France by hand, insipred by his own engravings by etching

Nathalie Béreau created a nomadic gallery between Chinon (Loire Valley, 37) and Paris. Working with 20 artists, the Gallery is specially attentive to paper works, engravings, photographers, sculptors.

Through its activities, Nathalie Béreau gallery supports young talent and established artists.
The website of the gallery remains the link to its various activities, current exhibitions, selected works for sale.
In 2013, Nathalie Béreau was appointed to the rank of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Nathalie Béreau brings his knowledge of contemporary art - École du Louvre and Sorbonne I, 12 years as a gallery assistant and during 10 years, member of an association to purchase works of artists.
Since the creation of her activity in 2004, Nathalie Béreau became a privileged interlocutor with contemporary artists, organizing exhibitions and creating projects with individuals, businesses and institutions.
In this way, the Gallery has the purpose to integrate art into a perspective of collection and communication.

Curator of contemporary art :
> Since 2008, regular partnership with 6 Mandel, Paris
> Since April 2011, - and after a gallery during 3 years in the heart of the town -, partnership with winery Pierre & Bertrand Couly in Chinon, in Loire Valley / UNESCO area : contemporary art shown in a winery !

As artistic director, art advisor (selected works of art for acquisitions, creation of Prices, and so on ...), the Gallery proposes her services.
The Gallery also develops writing for exhibitions catalogues or press releases.

Address and phone number

Nathalie Béreau helps you find solutions best adapted to :

- Acquisition of original works of art of contemporary artists

- Decoration of company locales and company public space (companies, hotels)

- Creation of calendar events linked to the acquisition of works of art

- Conception of a limited number of gifts destined for companies’ clients, suppliers and collaboraters

- Creation of visual aids for companies by contemporary artists : Annual report Illustrations, Greeting Cards, Business cards, calendars

- Press release for media communication campaigns

Didier Hamey, Amulette serie, 2014, dry point, print on paper, n° and signed by artist

Advantages for Companies in France :

- Tax advantages

- Continuation of promoting company image through civil and enhancement actions (leasing of works of art)

- Creation of a dynamic heritage - showing dynamism, commitment and open-mindedness on 21st century society

Some of these operations can be registered and included under the philanthropy and legal provisions of companies
In fact, in France, since 2003, attractive tax deductions are in place to allow your company to boost its image through dynamic civil committed actions and open-mindedness to the art of our times

Choosing Nathalie Béreau Gallery means :
- Having a trusted interlocuteur/consultant in selecting artists

- Having regular follow-ups throughout the length of operations : presentation of the works of art, organising meetings and appointments at the workshop/studio, follow-up of specific orders, invoicing, logistics, legal information

Maryline Pomian, D'outre-ciel, installation, 2008, paper cigarette Maryline Pomian, D’outre-ciel, installation, 2008, paper cigarette

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